6 years is not enough

I may have said in a previous post that my dog, Lexie wasn’t well, I can’t remember if I did or not.
Well, anyway, she has and I’ve spent these holidays (amoung other things) nursing her back to health. That included short walks, pats and feeding (sometimes by hand). She was getting better – eating more, starting to play again, getting her spark back.
But then, last Wednesday her she got bad. By the afternoon she couldn’t stop drooling, couldn’t sleep, wouldn’t eat or drink, kept her head curled to her left and relied on walls to walk. It was so distressing to see.
The moment my parents came home from work (7pm) we called the vet and took her there. He said that she may have addison’s disease and was having an addison attack. We wont know until the blood tests come back.
At 10:30 we got a call saying that she had died. I have never cried so much before in my life, not even when my gradmother died. I felt so terrible, abandoning her in her last moments to strangers. But I do know that I would feel worse if we didn’ take her, never knowing if they could have done something or not.
I want to get another labrador, in the summer holidays. I don’t want to replace Lexie, I want her back more than anything but I still want another one.
Dogs go well in pairs and our other dog, Kira, has spent her whole life with Lexie around. Now she just seems lost, wondering where Lexie is. Kira needs another dog around. I need another dog. I can’t bare the thought of going on our walks and not having a dog to lead.
I don’t think my mum and stepdad want another dog so soon. I can only hope.
Oh my poor Lexie, it hurts so much


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