Terry Pratchett!!

Well, I saw him And he was amazing! He was so genuine and down-to-earth. It was very enlightening and inspiring (although I would never write anything).
He spoke about his book-in-making featuring Vimes. Vimes reads this “where is my cow” picture book to his son and from Terry Pratchett’s brief explanation, it’s going to be hilarious. I can’t wait until it’s finished!
He signed “Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook” and “Monstrous Regiment” which is my favourite.
So exciting! I never thought I would get to see him…


One thought on “Terry Pratchett!!

  1. Pratchett’s looking more bald than I remember him being. Mind you, I’ve never seen him sans hat.
    I’ve also not read a Pratchett book since carpe jugulum came out. Perhaps I’m out of the loop. Good photo btw!
    Good luck with the furthur exams (Genetics was it? Or have you completed that?)


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