Happiness is a puppy

Since poor Lexie died in October, things just haven’t been right. Kira is so lonely and clings to us like hell. And walking only one dog instead of two, it doesn’t feel right.
My parents didn’t want to get a new puppy right now, not because it hurts, but because they want to way until we move. But first we have to sell our land, find the right place and then sell our house which could take a while. And even if it didn’t take that long we would have to wait until next December to get a puppy because that’s when I have 3 months holidays (both my parents work so they can’t look after it).
My sister and I have been nagging them about getting one now and mt stepdad made the mistake of telling mum “perhaps we should start looking for one now” in my prescience (there was no way in hell that I’d let them back out of it).

So yesterday we went puppy hunting and we found one! He is still too young so we have to wait two whole weeks until we can pick him up. He’s a beautiful cream-coloured Labrador (just like Lexie was) and his parents are such lovely dogs.

Now the only problem is finding a name for him. My mum wants Oscar, my sister did want Rory and now wants Angus, I want Rory and my stepdad is just making up crap like Lucifer and Amputation.


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