Poor Kira

Kira hasn’t been well. I noticed a sore on her cheek the other day. it was covered by her ear so that was why we didn’t notice it before. Some fur was missing and from the brief looks I got (Kira didn’t like us looking), it looked nasty. So we bandaged it up. Her eye was also yuck.
So we found a hat and attached it to her collar. That also made it harder for her to rub it which was good (and it made her look cute). On Thursday Kira had a bad fever, it made us so scared. But because it was Australia Day, the vet wasn’t open. Damn you patriotic people! But her fever broke during the night (mum slept on the couch and kept an eye on her) so that was good.

On the Friday, while I had my driving lesson, mum took Kira to the vet. It turned out that the sore was a hot spot (she’s had them before, caused by her old collar) and it was caused by her rubbing her ear which had a lot of gunk in it. We had no idea that it was the ear. So Kira’s cheek and eyebrow are shaved and geez, that hotspot looks far worse then the one’s that Kira and Lexie got on their necks.

I was so worried. The vet said that they would call but they still hadn’t called by 5pm. I just started to think that horrible things had happened. And when I woke the night before when Kira had the fever, I was too scared to check on her in case she had died. I felt like the Shrodinger’s Box thought experiment – you put a cat in the box with a glass of poisen gas and a rod of Uranium. If the Uranium emits an electron then the glass breaks and the cat dies. But, you have no way of knowing if the cat is dead or not until you open the box so the cat is in a state of neither living or dead until you open the box. Anyway, I felt that if I stayed in my room then Kira wouldn’t be dead…ok ok, so I don’t think logically when I’m half-asleep…
But she’s all good so it’s alright. Though, I think Lexie’s death has made me more paranoid about the dogs.


One thought on “Poor Kira

  1. hey, i’m really glad to hear kira’s ok, i got worried just reading your entry, so i can imagine how bad you must have felt at the time, specially after poor lexie! so thank goodness she’s alright!!


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