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I’m finally going home. In about 6 hours. And I’m sick! Why is it that I always get sick during Swot-Vac? Oh-well, wasn’t planning on doing heaps of study anyway…

I finally finished playing Windwaker. I thought the first part of the Boss would be hard but it was actually easy, my aim with the arrows turned out to be really good. It was the last stage of the boss that was hard. I didn’t know how to fight Gannon. And if I didn’t keep an eye on Zelda then she’d hit me with a light arrow. I think I was down to five hearts and no fairies.
So I’ve taken up Crystal Chronicles again. It’s annoying because you can’t level up without artifacts and you can get through an entire level and and discover that you’ve collected all those artifacts so it was all a waste of time. I want to finish the game but I’m too weak to defeat the boss.

I don’t get why there’s so many dollers out there that have a negative attitude towards tool-shading. I can understand people who don’t like the look of it, we all have our tastes. But the other comments…
How is it ‘cheating’? And how can you say that it takes no real effort and is easy when I spend as much time and work on a tool-shaded doll than on a pixel-shaded doll? The only way it takes me no real effort is if I make a really crappy doll. So many pixel-shaders say they tried tool-shading but it was too hard. Doesn’t that kinda contradict the whole “tool-shading is easy” thing?
I’ve decided that the problem lies in role models. There’s heaps of amazing pixel role models and some make comments like that so all the newer/younger dollers go along with it. There are heaps of great tool-shaders too but not as many and not so much in the spot-light so there isn’t really any good role models to let people know that tolls take skill, time and what-not.
So now I’m really motivated to make tool-shaded dolls. *Shelves her pixel-shading to-do list*. Maybe I should also stick a tool-shaded doll on my layout.


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