Goodbye frog. Goodbye dragon.

Mum has two mosaics up in some state mosaic exhibition thing that goes for a week or two. Mum volunteered to look after the place on Wednesday so I went with her. I think only about one moasic was sold so I thought that this would be another dissappointing thing. During the morning this guy walks in and I thought that he looked like a bit a bum. He purchased 5 mosaics, including mum’s entries! I couldn’t believe it, this guy spent near $1500 as christmas gifts for his family. Mum’s ones were meant for his 6 and 8 year old children. He gives his kids art as gifts so that they’ll have a big collection when they are older. I want a dad like that.

So that was fantastic for mum. It’s also sad too because they were nice mosaics and we’ll never see them again.


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