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Twilight Princess rocks my socks

Been busy doing markets on the weekends. We did one and it was great, we had our best sales ever. And a few people showed interest in my cross stitch design which made me happy. OK, I didn’t sell any designs but people liked it enough to take a look at it which is a nice feeling. I’m just so happy that I made my own cross stitch from scratch, if I make sales from it then that’s a bonus.
Saturday we had the Kyneton market which is a pretty small thing. Still, we managed to make more money than last time so we’ll still give it a go. Next weekend is the coop and another market. We’ve never done this one before, we’re only doing it because of Christmas.

We did our Christmas shopping on Wednesday and it was terrible. Christmas music, bad air circulation, too many people, hard to find the gifts and a headache. But afterwards I went to my sister’s house. Then at 10pm we walked to the game shop and hung out at the Wii launch party. Then at midnight I finally got my Wii! So I’ve been playing it over the past few days. Zelda is freakin awesome! The attention to detail is great, especially the little things. I am in love with this little dog that Link can pick up and hold like you would in RL. In the older games, he always held them above his head. It’s so cute.
What I don’t like is fishing, I can’t seem to get the hang of it. It was cruel to make me go fishing at the start of the game.
Wii has really utilised the ramble feature so far. It was such a lovely feeling typing in names and actually feeling the curser thing move from button to button. I love my Wii.

I’ve decided that I don’t like summer, it’s too scary. This summer we are getting weather that we’d expect in February. It is scary when you watch the news on a hot day and learn that there are 50 bush fires in your state. And that they’ve run out of water and there’s a chance of some merging and forming a super fire. Pretty much all of the state was blanketed in thick smog. And the satellite images are scary, it’s so huge. 200 thousand hectares have already been lost, and so many towns are at risk. The crisis has eased up but there are more hot days coming up that could make the fires worse.
My sister’s housemate was going to go to her parent’s for the holidays but that’s kind of being put on hold right now because her town is at risk. I wonder how many more weeks these fires will last.
It depresses me because Australian people (especially the farmers) have gone through so much crap this year and it scares me because summer has only just started. What if this happens all summer? What if one happens around home? I kind of don’t want to leave home in case there’s a fire. I want to be home so that I can take the dogs and run. And mum’s mosaics. I know she says that they are things and are replaceable but I don’t want to loose them. At least my art is digital so if I do loose my computer, they still exist online.

I thought that I would get my call about honours on Friday so I was freaking out because I didn’t. I even called up my friend but she said that we weren’t meant to be getting calls which confused me. They said that I’d get a call Friday and earlier in the semester the Honours Coordinator said that we would get calls.
But I ended up getting the call Saturday afternoon. I got accepted for the project that I wanted. I’m so happy. We get our official offers in the mail this week.


One thought on “Twilight Princess rocks my socks

  1. “I am in love with this little dog that Link can pick up and hold like you would in RL.”

    LOL the first time i picked up a dog in that game i giggled. Its a good change, who holds dogs above their heads anyway XD


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