My arty farty journey through time

I’ve fallen into the NewYear trap of looking back and seeing what I’ve achieved and planning for the future.

I’ve been looking back at my CG art and boy have I improved. I really had no clue when I started out. This isn’t the oldest one I have saved (I’m too embarrassed to show that one) but it is one of the first. I think it must have been from 2002 or 2003. But look at it, it’s so flat. The hair is terrible and I mirrored the eyes without fixing the reflection in them.

I picked this one out because it was particularly bad. I did it mid-2004 and it does show that I started to seriously think about shading, though it does look like I looked at other people’s art for reference (the hair and face). The actual drawing is terrible. I had no clue about the hat, the curve of the eyes look weird and those breasts are just completely wrong. This is probably the point where I actually took improving my art seriously. I think this is also the point where I stopped doing those silly backgrounds.

Now here’s where I start to make decent stuff. Made mid-2005. Probably my first good full-bodied person, complete with hands and feet. True, I needed reference pictures to draw the hands but it’s still progress. Even now, I still like the hair. But my attempt at background is terrible. Not only is it boring but the shading sucks.

This was the first picture that I did using my tablet (I think it took me an entire month to do). I did this in January 2006. Seeing as I suck at guys, that is pretty damn good (though it is a character so I had something to copy from). The face shading is demonic. I don’t like the girl but I do find side-on faces to be very hard. The outline is terrible, so messy. I found it so hard to draw smooth lines when I first got a tablet. This pic shows heaps of improvement but I can’t say that I like this.

And this leads to now. Smoother lines, better shadings, better attempts at backgrounds (though still pretty bad). I think the thing I like most about this picture is the left shoulder and the yellow skirt thing, they are nicely shaded (but who knows how I’ll feel in a year’s time). I don’t like the background. Not only did I rush it but I had no clue how to shade sand.

I am really happy with this beach drawing. Full-bodied people are hard enough for me but this person is sitting down. It is based on some photos of me sitting down but I think it shows a bit of skill that I could copy those photos (wow, I actually drew toes!). The face seems a bit too high up though (and expressionless). No idea how to shade hands. And still no idea about sand but I did a better job. I am very happy with the shading, I think I achieved quite a bit with this. And look, no outline, that’s one thing that I’m very proud of. Still, the pic seems a bit lifeless to me, I think the hair shading and the skin palette are part of the reason.

And here’s my latest piccy. I’ve seen some stationery in China Town with cutsie girls and and a certain kind of shading and I wanted to try and replicate that in this piccy (although, the stationery girls probably have fingers ^_^). Overall, I am very happy with this although I think I could have done better with the hair palette.

So there you go, a quick look at how I’ve changed over the years. There’s been some big improvements which makes me feel better, it means that there will probably be big improvements in the future.
Huge improvements on shading and overall drawing.
Some of the things I need to work on now are backgrounds, expression, hands and feet, more poses and hair shading.


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