Let’s sing the freak of nature song

A lot of people make a big fuss over going to the dentist, making it seem like it was the worst thing in the world. I never had that feeling. Usually it was just playing around with wires and rubber bands and telling me to brush more. There was the occassional tooth removal with the needles and cottons stuck in the mouth it’s not like that happened everytime.
Now it just all sucks. I have a wisdom tooth poking through so I thought it would be a good idea to get things checked out. Turns out I have five wisdom teeth. Five?


What kind of stupid person has five wisdom teeth anyway?

I didn’t even have room for all my other teeth. And now I’ve got five more? That’s just cruel.

The two bottom ones are messed up. One is facing away from my mouth while the other is going to torpedo into my normal teeth and waste all the money that went into straightening them. Not only that, it’s right next to a nerve. So if that gets cut, I’m going to be numb for the rest of my life. So the angle of that tooth is pretty rare (3% of cases. I had to look it up just so I knew that I really was freak)but I’m sure the surgeon gets teeth next to nerves all the time and can manage to not cut it. But nothing beats paranoia. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life dribbling water because I have no feeling…
The top three teeth sound pretty nasty too. They’re going to leave hole from my mouth to my nose that will have to be closed up.

Holy shit, I’m going to have stitches! And go to hospital and everything. The worst health/medical based thing that has ever happened to me is the removal of two adult teeth under a local. Hospitals happen to other people.
So I’m a bit freaked out. And the surgery is end of November (after I hand in my thesis and hopefully after my committee meeting) so I have 5 more months to fuel my panic.


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