Defeated Ganon, finally

My sister went to mum’s place to take care of the dogs. She took the gamecube,64 and her DS with her. So the only games I could play was the Wii (since our SNES and GBcolour are also at mum’s) and all we have is WiiSports, WiiPlay, Mario football and Zelda. So I decided to get around to finishing Zelda. I started off with the Cave of Ordeals, which is 50 levels of baddies, no turning back (no baddie every 10th level though). Last time I only managed to get to level 39 before dying but this time, I got all the way to 47, with some health to spare. So what happens? The door won’t open! I killed all the baddies on that level but the door to the next level wouldn’t open. I circled that room a dozen times, as human and wolf, but couldn’t find any extra, hidden baddies. So I got angry and quit, wasting an hour’s worth of work.

I wasn’t on speaking terms with LoZ for a while but I was craving a fighting game so I did the final dungeon. I must say, I was disappointed, it was so short and easy. So then I decided to fight Ganon, who was easy but had lots of different stages so I didn’t mind. The first stage was nice, classic Zelda boss fight. The wolf stage was where I got the most damage, I couldn’t figure it out at first. I liked the horseback stage. I didn’t really enjoy those battles so much during the game but I did was my favourite out of all the Ganon stages. I didn’t mind the last stage of the fight but I was pretty peeved off that there was a fairy in a pot. No matter how hard the boss, there should never be a spare fairy during the fight, only the ones that you’re carrying. True, they weren’t needed for this battle but that’s not the point…
I didn’t really understand the whole Midna thing during the battle. One minute, it’s just a helmet, the next minute, she’s there. And it would have been nice if her voice had changed when she returned to her true form, that voice just didn’t seem to fit the body, in my mind. I know a lot of people are saying that the ending kind of sucked and there needed to be some more romance between Link and Zelda but I was happy with the ending.


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