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Manifest – the merchandise

It was nice that Manifest was at Uni – easy to get to and I knew where everything was. What was annoying was the lines. I had to wait an hour to get my pass, wait forever to get into the Cosplay competition (and we only just made it into the back, man it was packed) and wait a while to get into Iron Chef.Iron Chef was great. People were given clips and then had 24hrs to make a music clip with them. The secret ingedient this year was manga scans and the contestants had a bitch of a time working it into the clip. Most people “cheated” by having it at the start, before the proper clip. But one person incorporated it so well, with Dr Who music. She was the best out of them all but it wasn’t finished so she didn’t win.
I did manage to spend $50-70AU on cool stuff. Apparently, there weren’t as many stalls as there usually are. A bit dissappointing but probably just as well, less things to tempt me.

I only got a few things from the proper business stalls. I wanted at least one figure and one soft toy but the figures were expesive and the soft toys weren’t to my taste. I was actually going to go back and get small Tsubasa Chronicle figures for $10 each in the hope that it would be discounted at the end of the day but all the stalls had packed up.
I did get more Ouran High manga and a cool Mario ? cube. I saved $15 in total, which was nice. Apparently, volume 22 of Fruits Basket was also for sale but they ran out on Saturday. Looks like I’ll have to wait until its official release.

There were a few artists there as well. Mainly fanart but there were a few original artists. But only one original artist stood out to me and I got that straight away. It’s so pretty. And her DA page is written on them so I can go check her out online.

I have seen this person’s DA account before but I didn’t realise (or I had forgotten) that she was Australian. That was a nice surprise because I adored her Fruits Basket chibis. Also, if you said “I choose you Pikachu” then you got a free Pikachu badge (the angry one is so cute). But it did mean that they took a photo of me…

Finally, we were wondering around while they were closing and one of the people said that I could get a discount. So I got these four Ouran High prints for only $9. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask what her DA account was.

And this is a long post so I’ll save the cosplay pictures for my next post.


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