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Manifest – the cosplay

I want to say a few things before I talk about Manifest.

I just got Super Paper Mario. The selling price is $99 but Kmart offered it for $69. I went there and they didn’t have it so I went to EBgames (who are rip-off merchants) and got them to price-match.
Finally, a good (I hope) Wii game has come out. Now I own 3 games, bringing the household total to 5. Now I want MySims, Mario Galaxy (not out yet), Smash Brothers (not out yet) and Resident Evil (not out yet). Hopefully at great deals.
But I can’t play Paper Mario yet because it’s a birthday present from mum, who is currently in Tassie for a mosaic conference.

I have a phd project. The other person interested in the Tassie project I wanted took another project and the guy said that I could have it and do most of it in Melbourne. So not only can I stay here but I get trips to Tassie (and there was some mention something about the ocean too). Now all I have to do is get a scholarship…crap…

I have the date for my department talk – October 8th. Crap…

So, Manifest. There are never as many cosplayers on the last day but I still got a good look at a fair few. There was a whole bunch of One Piece cosplayers but I couldn’t get shots of them. At least I got Shanks.

I’m not a fan of SailorMoon (though I was in primary school). I thought this was a guy, which was why I took the photo. But then the person spoke and turned out to be a girl. Oops…

I haven’t playe Phoenix Wright but I’ve heard about it and seen references and this guy was funny. It’s now my sig for DSA.

I love Ouran High.

Some characters from Soul Calibur 2. These costumes are so cool but the photo was too dark, I had to play around a lot so that the detail was visible.

I use to watch Transformers as a really young kid but I can’t remember it now. But my sister’s boyfriend likes Transformers so I took the shot for him.

I’ve been watching Tsubasa Chronicles so I had to get a shot of these guys. Faye was around somewhere but I missed him/her (girl dressed up as a guy).

Yoshi and some random person. She could be a character from Dead or Alive 4, I’m not sure.

Finally, some random block guy. I have seen this character/thing around but I have no idea what it’s from. Apparently the guy has a fan in there to keep him cool.


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