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It’s almost over

The thesis is due on Monday. OMG…so close…
The past few weeks have been a huge rollercoaster, sometimes I feel like everything is fine and other times I feel like I’m going to fail. The introduction was so easy – it’s like a scientific essay and I’ve spent four years doing those. What I haven’t properly done before is discussion. I can’t find the right way to present it and I can’t find the right balance. On the one hand, you have to propose why you see the results that you see. On the other hand, you can’t make things up. So I’ve got a mixture of repeating my results (bad thing) and made up stuff (even worse). Well, I do provide good evidence to back up some of my claims (or at, I think I do…) but some of it is just speculation with little data at all. I just can’t find that happy balance.
And my supervisor sent me an email about some of my data, asking if I had done some tests. What tests? Oh crap…

On an up-side, I sold a pattern to my frangipani cross stitch! I didn’t really expect any patterns to sell but one did so I’m happy. I was also worried that the person might get the pattern and then think that it was shit. But the person sent some very nice feedback that made me feel even better:

Thank you so very much…….I ordered 6 patterns over the weekend, in all honestly I think yours is the only tested pattern….what a great job in putting this pattern together. It is lovely and you can tell attention to detail was taken!!!!

I put your webpage in my favorites and will be checking back for other patterns…..I do hope you both continue to develop such beautiful things.It is difficult to find anything with frangipani up here in NY.


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