I survived! I handed in my thesis yesterday with three hours to spare. Woohoo!

I pretty much had it finished on the Friday. I sent my Introduction, Materials and Methods, and Results to mum so that she could print them at work. I’m so glad that I did that, printing all those pages take forever. Plus, uni printers couldn’t handle some of my figures. Stupid trees…
I spent the Saturday morning reviewing my friend’s Results and Discussion. Then I spent the Sunday morning editing my Discussion and writing my Abstract. There was also some dancing schools performing so I watched a bit of that. I can just image the dance teachers being told by Nigel (So You Think You Can Dance) that they shouldn’t be teaching. Man, it sucked. It wasn’t the fact that they were primary and secondary schoolers, the dances themselves sucked. The routines were dull and shit and didn’t go with the chosen music. And the costumes were awful. I feel sorry for the parents who waste their money on those schools. And the kids that think that they are actually learning decent stuff.
Seriously, out of several schools, one was decent and one was great. The rest were crap.

So when I got home on the Sunday, I found out that my friend hadn’t realised that I had sent her my Discussion to look over (I sent it Friday morning). So she had a look at it that night and made shit-all comments (though they were useful comments…). Damnit, I put so much effort in hers! Why didn’t she look at it sooner? I spent the rest of the night editing my Discussion again. Just before I decided to go to bed, I realised that the margins of the Appendices was wrong. I tried to fix it up but there just wasn’t any room. So some of the words were cut off when I finally bound it. Oh well…

Didn’t get much sleep that night. But it was better than everyone else. Quite a few people spent the night at uni in order to finish and print it. In fact, most of them stayed up so late to print it…thank you mum…

So when I got to uni, I discovered that I had the old version of my Discussion. So I rushed through it, trying to find all the places that I made changes to the night before. Then I discovered that some of my tables in the other sections had the wrong margins so I had to reprint those. And to top things off, the page numbers of the appendices were wrong so I had to fix those up before printing.

Put it all together and it is exactly 100 pages. So since I needed four copies, that’s 400 pages. Not to mention all the paper wasted on pages that needed reprinting.
If you want to save the trees, don’t do Honours.


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