Got my wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago. My first time in hospital. I had to wait 4-5 hours because I was fifth on the list. Then the nurse wheeled my bed (not an experience I’d like to repeat. Beds should say still) into a small, isolated room and left me and I started to cry. But then they gassed me so it was all good. It felt like a mixture of fainting and falling asleep in front of the TV.
I was surprised about waking up. I thought it would be like fainting – one minute you feel crap and the next minute your wondering why your head has fallen down in the other direction. But it actually felt like time had past. Maybe because it was a gradual wake up or something.
My mouth didn’t hurt at the time, just felt numb. But I had a sore throat and my arm hurt like hell because there was a tube in it. Needles are bad enough. I hated it and was glad when the tube was removed (though it killed). They gave me an icypole but I threw it up.
Such a long, crap day.

Painkillers stopped my mouth from hurting but not my arm. My arm’s fine now but the top of my mouth hurts because my stitches are rubbing. And he left part of my lower lip hurst because I keep biting it hard. It’s still numb but I can feel the pain. It’s so annoying because my right side is near normal and my left side is near completely numb. I hope it’s not permanent.
I actually couldn’t bite for a few days because the stitching on the bottom left resulted in my cheek getting in the way. But that stitching came undone so I can chew now. The stitching of the right came undone a few days ago and everytime I eat, I have to probe the wound to get the food out.
But all-in-all, getting my teeth removed wasn’t as bad as I thought.

There’s actually a new member in the family – Summer. My sister and her boyfriend got a yellow Labrador puppy. She’s such a cutie. And because they haven’t found a place to live yet, she’s staying with us. She’s been so hyper because I just got back yesterday evening and I’m a new, interesting person to play with.
I’ve been playing with her this morning. All she wants to do is chew. But she’s so cute. She’s only allowed downstairs so I probably wont spend as much time on my computer as I planned (again). I want to take her out for a walk.
She’s going to mum’s at Christmas time. I can’t wait to see how Kira and Rory react to her. And how she reacts to them. It should be interesting.

A few days after they got Summer, one of the neighbours complained to the Body Corporate about the noise. IT’S A PUPPY. New puppies make noise at night when you first get them. They get over it. Geez, give her time…
So now they let her sleep inside but leave the backdoor open so that she can piddle and poop. But that means we get lots of flies and mosquitoes about the place. Oh well.


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