Dog talk

Goodness, where has the year gone? One moment I’m starting Honours and the next, I’m graduating.
Graduation is on Thursday in the afternoon. I have to get there early to pick up my gown and get photos taken and stuff. I don’t want to graduate, it’s so expensive and boring. Waste of time.

But the day after, Summer visits mum and the other dogs. That should be interesting. She has been meeting a few dogs at the park. But she gets excited and jumps on them. Puppy-sitting her was a trial. I don’t think I could handle more than a few days. I did manage to sneak upstairs a bit when she was sleeping but I didn’t want to stay long. She is so demanding of your attention. Puppies are adorable but I think I like dogs better – more mature and independent. But it helps when there are two dogs because they can hang out together. Less guilt when you leave the house too.

Out of all the dogs, her personality is more like Kira’s. She loves her belly rubbed and appears to have water tendencies. She always comes inside with wet paws after dunking her feet in her water tray. She even sits in it on the hotter days. But she doesn’t like sleeping on laps like Kira does. She likes sitting on your lap while playing but not while sleeping. And she is more observant of the TV, like Rory is.
Her play-style is different from the other dogs too but that may be an age thing. She likes tug-of-war, whereas Kira likes evading us and Rory likes being chased.

My sister likes to call her Summer-dumbarse. Her boyfriend hits her when whenever she calls her that but it’s very catchy. All the labs have had names like that – Lexielab, Kirapup (but now she’s old so she’s Kira-billy, after the PM’s residence), and Rory-Rory (after Ruri-Ruri from Martian Successor Nadesico). Though to be fair, Rory is probably more of a dumbarse than Summer. He’s got his looks but not much else…


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