Big steps

I got an email today saying that I got the Science Faculty Scholarship. OMG! I’m going to be a PhD student!
And I called up my Tassie supervisor today and he wants me to work before I start my phd. Probably go over there on the 6th of Jan and stay in a share house. Shit, that’s so soon. What happened to my holidays? I didn’t really get to catch up on anything…
And me, staying in Tassie? On my own? That’s going to be very strange and scarey. Kind of like starting fresh.

That would probably put my hobbies on hold too. If I take my stepdad’s laptop then I could do a few things. Probably mainly dolls, not something big like my red fairy. I don’t really like the monitor settings on the lappy, I’ll have to try and adjust it so that it’s more like my computer’s settings.
I don’t think I’ll take the Wii or Gamecube. But I am thinking about buying my sister’s boyfriend’s phat DS for cheap and borrowing my sister’s games. Maybe I’ll take that with me.
It would be too difficult to take my beading stuff but I could do cross stitch. But I’m not ready to start working on my butterflies yet, I’m still charting it and haven’t picked the colours or gotten aida cloth. Maybe I’ll try to get that done in time.

I can’t believe it…Tassie…

But it’s going to end up costing me heaps.
There’s flight and accommodation but there will also be rent for my home over here. My sister plans to move out sometime in Jan so I’ll have a month of paying double-rent. It would probably be too hard to find a new housemate around then. Besides, I don’t want to leave a stranger in my place and have them trash it and/or steal my stuff.


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