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Busy December

It’s amazing how many things have happened in the end of December, aside from christmas.

Graduation was as boring as I thought it would be, with the added bonus of being hot. And it was stressful because I didn’t tell my family that they had to arrive 15min before the ceremony started. And I had to be seated by then or I wouldn’t be allowed to graduate. But the door lady let me give her the tickets so it all worked out. But really, couldn’t they give us the tickets before the day?
Then I had to pay money to sit for stupid photos. I don’t want photos but I have to get some for mum, dad and grandad. God those photos are expensive…
The only good thing was getting my diploma-thing framed on the spot with the uni alumna thing cut into the matting (which I think is ugly but probably good to have because it looks professional). I wanted the blue with gold trimming mat, it looked pretty. But they had run out (and we were the first one there!) so I had to get a stupid double mat – blue and black with ugly white trimming. Dammit, I wanted gold!
I’m not graduating again, screw that. I’ll get my phd one mailed to me.

Mum and my stepdad also had to get a new car. The car was parked in the street and some idiot out of prison decided to smash into it and and stuff up his face. There was no way so much damage could have been done had he have driven the limit.
They also sold their house. But there was a stressful moment – just before the contract was signed, there was a shitload of rain that did a bit of damage. I seriously thought that they wouldn’t want the house after that (I don’t think I would) but they did. So there’s been a lot of moving things to the new house. The new house isn’t big enough for all that stuff.

Introducing Summer to the dogs was interesting. Kira had already gone through the process of living with a puppy so she was really good. Rory was quite pathetic, he would panic and run away from her. But eventually, Rory realised that she was a new playmate so he would play tug of war with her.
The problem was that Summer wanted to be the dominant dog. So she kept attacking Kira and Kira kept knocking her down, growling, barking and making life in the neighbourhood very noisy. Then Summer decided that Kira was top and that she would attack Rory (whilst still bugging Kira). It was amazing. I’ve never seen Rory growl like that before. He finally got a backbone. But Summer was a very slow learner…

And finally, I’ve booked my flight to Tassie. I can’t believe that it’s happening and so close. I’ll be staying the first week or so at my boss/supervisor/person’s unit before finding a sharehouse to move into. I hope that I give him a good first-impression. My melb said that I should do some reading up before I get there but I haven’t done that yet. As my sister said, mum’s net connection is like constantly being put on hold. At least they can get broadband at the new place.
I also haven’t reenrolled at the uni or sent in my scholarship confirmation forms in yet. It’s all closed for christmas. This is a real stupid time of year for these things, which make it really stressful.

And I wanted to be a lazy bum these holidays…


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