No time!

Ghah! Where has all the time gone?! I’ve done practically nothing. Just finished shading a few dolls and that’s it! I haven’t even started packing yet, because I was so determined to finish the dolls before I left.
Part of the blame can go to the heat. You lose motivation when it’s hot and you can’t sleep so you’re also tired.
Blame can also go to the DS.

I haven’t been playing my Wii at all, just the DS. I tried to put a protective cover on the touch screen so it wouldn’t get scratched but that stopped the stylus from working so I had to take it off.
I started playing Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is taking me a while to get the hang of controlling Link with the stylus. But it is pretty nifty. I’m not that impressed with the graphics. They look fine when you are running around and hurting people but closeups look bad. Some of those lines look bad on those closeups. But I don’t play games just for graphics so it’s ok.
So far, the best part of the game is that you can draw on your maps. So many times in games I have forgotten where a specific item/thing is and so I have to travel all over the place to find it. Here, all I need to do is make a note on my map and then look at my maps to find it. And I like doodling on the maps too. One maps has flies all over the place and another one has angry and smiley faces, depending on if I like the people who live there. I wish more games had this option

I’ve talked to my boss/supervisor a few times and he seems really nice and easy-going. But my desk might be in his office so I think I’ll only use it for worky purposes (and email ^_^). Not sure if I’ll have the internet at the place I’m staying. If I need to buy modem or extra cables then forget it. My housemate sounds nice too. She’s an ultimate frishbee played and has a sausage dog. So I won’t be dogless, which is nice. I wonder how much of a social life I’ll have.

I should probably pack. But I’m craving my DS (oh why did I one? Stupid…) so maybe I’ll pack after dinner.


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