The first night

Well, things have been interesting.
The flight was fine and I met up with my supervisor fine (even though we had no idea what each other looked like). Then he dropped me off at the place that I am staying at.
There isn’t much furniture because it’s the christmas holidays but I so far have a mattress on the floor to sleep in but I’m ok with that. There’s no kettle so the water is boiled on the stove. And no washing machine so I have to hand-wash my clothes. I’ve never done that before. And I think myhousemate said that she couldn’t afford to get one so I might have to hand-wash the whole time. Damn.

Another big shock is the cooking arrangements. My housemate use to live in a sharehouse with four other people so they always bought their own food and made it just for them. No slitting the money or sharing the cooking duties. So I’m going to have to adjust to that way of eating.
Not that she eats much anyway. Dinner for her was rice, asparagus and sauce. She said that she’s use to not eating much because she’s been poor for a long time (her ex-husband sued her for all her money or something).

Travelling around the place should be interesting. Mornings we are car pooling but evenings it sounds like we will do a mixture of car pooling and taking the bus. It’s only a 10-15 minute trip but it looks like the place is a fair distance from the bus stop. And on a hill. I don’t know how long that’ll take. ON the other hand, if we car pool then I’m not sure how shopping would fit in.


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