First day on the job

Tassie certainly is different. I don’t like the taste of the water for one thing.
I always saw on the weather reports that it was cooler than it was at home. But once you stand in that sun, you’re roasting. I was only walking around for half an hour and the top of my head already feels tender. My supervisor said that it was due to the hole in the ozone layer. It certainly wasn’t what I expected so I’m not sure if I packed the right clothes or not. Plus, it was cool in the morning so how do I dress for that?

I don’t know how people manage to shop here. Everything closes around 5-5:30pm and they don’t open Sundays at all. But most of the shopping that I’ll do is groceries so I guess it doesn’t matter.

My first day of work was boring. The first half was meeting heaps of people, looking around the place and getting the projects that I’ll be working on quickly explained. It sounds pretty cool though.
I get right into things tomorrow.


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