My first weekend

I didn’t say it before but we had an attempted break-in. We woke up Wednesday morning to find a nicely cut hole in the bathroom window, right above the wooden plank that stops the window from being opened. A fish figurine got knocked into the bathtube and we think the noise scared the people off. I didn’t hear anything and my room is right next to it. The police said that after a botched up break-in, they don’t return to that house. So I think we may be safe (from those particular people at least).
Apparently this neighbourhood has a bad rep. But the police said that families with troubled teens have been moving away and reported break-ins have gone down by 200% in the past year.

Anyway, I’ve had a good weekend.
On Saturday we went to the Salamanca Market and that was fun. There was a lot of junk stalls but there was also a lot of nice crafty stalls too. I ended up getting a glass-blown mushroom, a glass-blown bird for mum, dichroic earrings, a pine bat thing for my honours supervisor and a small painting. I spent more there then I do at Victorian markets…

Then I caught the bus on my own and struggled up that stupid hill. I hate that hill.

Sunday I went to Mt. Wellington. The tour bus left at 11am but the public transport is so terrible on a Sunday that I ended up leaving home at 9am. Still, more of a sleepin than during the week. I nearly got hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing. I just assume that cars would stop so I was pretty surprised when the car skidded to a halt exactly where I was about to step. I reckon I would have been hurt pretty badly had I taken that step a little sooner.
The tour was alright. It was a small group – only ten people. The walks were nice and we learnt some interesting stuff. I think I’d rather do more walks in my own time but I don’t have that option. The views were great. I’m still amazed at seeing “city” (Hobart is so small), river, ocean and mountain all rolled into one. You just don’t get that back home. But boy was it windy up there. We kept being blown into the rails.


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