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Pretty bored

I thought that things would pick up after the first week. Nope.
I don’t know if work is normally like this or if my supervisor’s normally like this or if it’s because I’m new. But the pace is just too slow. And messed up. In Honours I’d do the bulk of the lab work in the morning and ease up in the arvo. But we’ve being doing practically nothing in the morning and heaps (comparatively speaking) in the arvo. so that I’m often rushing to meet my housemate at 5pm. It’s particularly annoying because I get in just past 8am. If I’m going to start work that early then it would be nice to actually do work. And I’m not doing much work. Aside from gels, I’m just watching my supervisor.
I feel like I’m getting paid to do nothing. And that I’m wasting my time. Not only can’t I do arty stuff but by the time I get home, I’m tired and don’t feel motivated.

At lunch time, my supervisor went to the gym for an hour and a half. So I checked my email, ate and then…what? I tried reading some journal papers but I had done that for an hour in the morning and was sick of it. And I didn’t bring the DS with me.
Eventually, I decided to sign up to Facebook. I had resisted in the past but I was so bored that I decided to give it a go. Besides, some of my friends (and family) seem incapable of replying to emails, which is really starting to piss me off.
But I think this is a bit of a bad move. I’ll get hooked. I’m already trying to think of what people to search for and add. And I want to find groups to join and add some photos. I don’t even have a lot of photos on me, pretty much all of them are on my computer at home. And I only have the internet at work so I shouldn’t be obsessing over Facebook, I should be working.

At least my supervisor is going to take some time off over the next few weeks. Gives me the chance to work independently at my own pace. He wants me to extract DNA from fish ovaries for the rest of the week. DNA extraction is pretty boring but it’s better then spending all day watching my supervisor do lab work, check his email, or talk on the phone. He always dials a phone number, asks me a question and then before I can answer, the person picks up so he’s engrossed in his conversation. It’s so frustrating!


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