Wildlife, Wild Thing and one wilddeath

This weekend was pretty fun. My housemate and her boyfriend went to the Australian Open in Melbourne so I had the place to myself. That means that the house is slightly messier…

One the Saturday, I took a tour that went to Bonorong Wildlife Park and Richmond.
The park was great. I had been to a wildlife park similar to this when I last went to Tassie about six years ago and it was nice to go back.
The highlight was the Tassie Devils. There aren’t any at Melbourne Zoo so it’s great to see them. They are cute

I got to pat both a wombat and a koala. There are a few koalas where mum lives but not many because of a disease (and habitat fragmentation. Which also leads to high incidence of road kill). Apparently they have never naturally occurred in Tassie, not enough of the right kinds of eucy leaves. I don’t get to see that many wombats though.

There were heaps of grey kangaroos and wallabies. That’s not really exciting,there’s plenty around where mum lives. But we were allowed to feed them, which was really fun. And since there were so many, it was easy to find a bunch that weren’t being fed by someone else.

But really, there wasn’t that much to do at the place. An hour there was nice but any longer and it would have been a bit dull. But the bus came and took us to Richmond. That is a town to pass by, not to stop at and spend an hour there. I went to the galleries but they all had the same things (but it didn’t stop me from buying some nice bowls). Actually, there was quite a lot of dichroic jewellery there. It must be a popular thing in Tassie because of the tourists. I wonder how well mum’s stuff would do in Tassie.
So I was bored for an hour before the bus took us back. Still, an hour at the wildlife park was worth it.

Today I went on a short speedboat trip with Wild Thing tours. There were strong winds so the water (Derwent River, right before it enters the ocean so it’s salty) was choppy and it was great fun riding over those waves and soaring in the air. The views were also stunning. And I got a shot of my work from the water. This is block two, I work in block five.

And to finish off, I spotted this on the way to the boat. It’s probably very sick and twisted of me to take a photo of a dead animal but I think it’s fascinating. What the hell happened to it?


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