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Houses and pets

My housemate wants to get a cat. A big, fluffy male. She’s a cat person. So I went with them to the cat centre before going to the movies. It’s a choice between a cute kitten, a lovely black cat and a scruffy cat with lots of poop stuck to its arse. I think my housemate’s going to end up with the poopy one. She feels sorry for it because it’s been there for a month and “just needs a little care”. She actually let a stray come into the house and fed it the other day. She seems to be a sucker for cats.
My sister called me just before the movie and told me that she had found me a housemate. She’s a friend of my sister’s exhousemate and is desperate for a place, since few places are ok with two cats. I can’t say that I’m too keen on it either. At least right now because I don’t know what they’re like. I wouldn’t mind having a cat but not one that scratches me, jumps on my table, chairs or the kitchen bench or requires cleaning its butt.
The person (I’ve already forgotten her name…the moment someone says a name, I can’t help but forget it) would rather live alone but it’s too expensive (I feel the same way). And she wants to move in as soon as possible. That has me a little worried. Someone living in my home for a month while I’m over here. I would much rather be there so that we can get to know one another and sort of establish house rules or whatever. I try to do things my Tassie housemate’s way because its her house and it’s only temporary but in my home, I want to do things my way. And if she’s there for a month then she’ll get into the habit of doing things her way and so things may prove difficult when I return.
My home is where I go to get away from crap so I don’t want to go home and be unhappy there as well. It would really suck if we didn’t get along.

I think I get along ok with my Tassie housemate but there are little things that bug me and they start to add up after a while. She always switches off my electric toothbrush. I’m ok with trying to save electricity but I would like it turned on long enough to recharge the thing so that I can brush my teeth. I feel so sneaky turning it on when she isn’t at home. I’ve also always had my shampoo etc. on the floor of the shower but she moved them to a stupid rack with her stuff and is hard to get out something without knocking something else to the ground.
Worst of all is the toilet. She doesn’t want to disturb me when I’m in bed so she doesn’t flush the toilet at night or in the morning. I can’t stand that, it’s disgusting. Often I’m awake anyway so she might as well flush.
I think I would go crazy if I had to endure that sort of thing for the whole year. I hope things work out ok with this housemate or I’m going to have one shit, depressing year…

One thing I find hard is the dog situation. When I was back home it wasn’t so bad but here, it’s much worse. I crave to to be with my labs. I think it’s because I live with a dog that isn’t the kind of big dog that I like. It’s not as enjoyable or satisfying, patting a dog when you can feel their spine and other random bony lumps. And her separation anxiety bugs me.

OK, my housemate’s come home and she got the poopy cat (which thankfully lacks poop at the moment). It’s a female cat so that’s changed all of Jen’s name ideas. And the cat doesn’t like Lilly so poor Lilly is being neglected, which she can’t handle. It is a pretty cat. But she’s not eating. Hopefully things turn out.

Oh yes, happy Australia Day.


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