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The problem with living in Moonah (aside from the fact that it is the dodgey part of Hobart) is that the bus service on weekends prevent you from doing any early morning tours. Cradle Mountain is certainly out of the question. And I really wanted to go to Cradle Mountain.
So it was great when I learnt that mum and stepdad are not only flying over next weekend, but that the Monday is a Tassie public holiday (Vic needs more holidays, nicely spaced out). So mum’s booked accommodation and we get to go to Cradle Mountain! And we’ll eat out and have all kinds of yummy food.

Work has been so much better these past few weeks. I’m actually working most of the time. The bad parts are when my supervisor’s around. I just can’t work at his pace. And when he is stuffing around, I can’t bugger off to my computer and stuff around so I just sit there, resisting the urge to try to snap my pen in two.
I just wish that my supervisor was able to say to people “I’m in the middle of something, can we talk later?” And he takes forever to tell me things. Sometimes there are long pauses in the middle of sentences. Other time, he just repeats himself and wastes words.
If I could work at my own pace then I’d be really happy here.

The big downer right now is that my camera is broken. It started out not accepting my memory stick some of the time. Then it went to all of the time (reducing my capacity from 330 photos to 10 photos). Now, the clock set screen pops up sometimes when I turn it on, suggesting that something is wrong with the batteries as well.
I went to the Sony shop in Hobart but they don’t do repairs. They gave me the details of a repair shop but they’re in Moonah and are only open while I’m working (bloody Tassie!). I did inquire about cost and they say that if I take it in then I have to pay $60 upfront. So plus repairs and it could end up costing quite a lot. There is a chance that some parts simply moved out of place and all it will take is putting them back in place. Or it could be that some major damage has been done and repairs would cost more than the camera. In which case, I’d say no to repairs, buy a camera and lose my $60. Assuming I can find the time to get to the place.
This sucks. You don’t want your camera to break while on holidays. And that camera was a birthday present. My aunty and uncle spent a lot of money on an amazing present and I go ahead and break it a year later…

And there is the concern of camera shopping. I want a good camera at a good price. But I know nothing about cameras so the chance of getting screwed over is pretty high.

For now, I’ll borrow my housemate’s camera. This Sunday I’m going to Mt. Field for the day and there is no way I can settle for 10 photos.


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