New camera!

Yesterday I went into town with the intention to browse for a camera. What actually happened was that I purchased one. I’m such a bad shopper, I can never just browse…
It’s a Samsung and the cheapest out of all the litium ion battery cameras. Not as pretty as my sexy sony cyber-shot but it works well enough.

One annoying thing is that I had to buy a new memory card. Apparently sony uses exclusive cards so I can’t reuse it in my samsung. And the samsung battery is skinnier so I can’t reuse my two other batteries or charger. So that’s more of my aunt and uncle’s money wasted. At least I can reuse the carry case.
I also can’t seem to remove the memory card. It’s not that big a deal but it just means that I probably can’t use it anywhere else. Oh well.

The weekend was good. The furniture finally arrived on Saturday. Damn christmas holidays. It’s nice to sit on couches (particularly since the new cat both pooped and peed on the beanbag we were using). I’m not so keen on my new bed. It’s a futon without those nasty springs. However, it’s so damn hard. Harder than the couch. Makes sleeping a bit uncomfortable so I haven’t been sleeping so well.
Did I mention that we have a new cat? We got the poop-bum one but she wouldn’t eat so a few days later my housemate took her to the vet and discovered that she had a liver disease and needed to be put down. So the cat home gave us the drippy nose cat. He’s very nice but also a bit clingy. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was a clingy labrador ^_^

On Sunday I went on another tour. We went to Something Wild, which was a lot like Bonorong Wildlife park. Except there was an annoying American woman from another bus tour who had an annoying voice and would not shut up. And then when the wombat was biting the keeper, she decided to be an idiot and say “be nice” in some horrible tone that I can only imagine she uses on children. Then we went to Mt. Field and had lunch (provided). It was salmon (I’m not a fish person) but it was ok. I looked at the menu and the meal was $20. Pretty good considering the price I paid for the trip.
Man, Mt Field was beautiful. We saw the tallest tree in the park (I think it was also the tallest tree in all of Tassie. Regardless, the only taller species of tree is in California). It was about 79m tall and 7m wide at the base.

Then the tour guide left us to walk down to Russell Falls. God people are stupid. We reached a fork in the road and they just stood there, unsure what to do. A sign had an arrow pointing left that said “Horseshoe Falls, 1min” and an arrow pointing right that said “Russell Falls, 25min”. I was the only one of the group that went left. Come on people, use your heads…
So here’s the waterfall that they missed-

And that’s Russell Falls. Very very pretty.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia is on! I’m so happy. After seeing some stupid dance schools show that there are a lot of people who should not be teaching dance, I was a little worried about the quality of dancers. But there are so many great dancers.
It’s too bad that the show isn’t showing more of the crap dancers and then showing their crying afterwards – “I’m a great dancer. Who do these people think they are?! Boohoo.” It’s funny…
I never voted for other reality shows that I’ve watched but if I see some dancers that I love then I am so going to vote.


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