Long Weekend

My long weekend was great fun. Mum and my stepdad picked me up in the morning and we drove to Cradle Mountain. That trip takes about 6 hours, which is an insane amount of time.

The place we stayed at was Lemonthyme Lodge, which was about 30min from the mountain. That place was beautiful and foresty. In the gardeny area between our cabin and the main lodge, we spotted an echidna. I was so close, I could have touched it if I wanted. And in the evenings the staff would feed the Pademelon Wallabies. It was so cute seeing them hang around, waiting for a feed. But then the tourists pissed me off. There were some that came out and chatted, without even looking at the wallabies. If you want to talk about some other crap then bugger off and let us watch the wallabies in peace. And then some other people were going around patting them. They may be getting a feed but they are still wild animals so leave them alone. And especially don’t pat around the head.

We went to Cradle Mountain on the Sunday and walked around Dove Lake. It was early in the morning so we beat the crowds. It was so beautiful.

There was a boardwalk, where you could walk from the info centre to the lake, with two shuttle bus stops in between. We decided to walk down to the first bus stop and then walk back to the lake. But when we got there, we decided to walk all the way down and catch the bus back up. It wasn’t as pretty as the lake. And it was very exposed so I got pretty badly sunburnt on the top of my head. We saw three tiger snakes (two were infants) along the way. It was pretty tiring. All in all, we walked 14.5km (6km around Dove Lake, 8.5km down the mountain).

We had to get up at 6am the next day, in order to get to Queenstown. It’s a mining town and a dump. The place is so ugly. It will take 100-1000 years before the rivers around there is clean from all the mining crap and heavy metals.
But we went there to catch a train to Strahan. There are no passenger trains in Tassie, but this is a tourist one. First it stopped for gold panning, which had me a little worried that the whole trip would be boring. But then it went through a cool temperate rainforest. It was simply stunning. I have never seen anything like it before. It’s the sort of thing that I expect to see in documentaries and hollywood movies but not in real life. Well worth the trip. These photos don’t do the place justice. But you can’t really take photos while on the train.

Strahan was boring. It’s a town where you have to spend a few days there, not a hour. Then there was a bus trip back to Queenstown (we all fell asleep) and the long trip back to Moonah (over 4 hours). We got back just past 9pm. I was so tired, I pretty much went to bed straight away.


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