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What a nightmare

We have a new housemate from France. My housemate did advertise for a housemate for after I leave but the French girl was staying in a hostel so she was pretty desperate. She seems nice though she smokes.

When I came back from my mini-holiday, my housemate told me that she was going to give up her dog and cat. Her boyfriend gets annoyed at them (I can understand that) and my housemate’s job may involve fieldwork soon, which consists of multiple months away from home. When she got Lilly, she thought that she was in a relationship where she could leave the dog with her boyfriend for several months but that’s not the case.
This whole situation must be terrible for her. I know that I couldn’t give up my labs. I hope that I never get in a situation like that because it would just tear me up and make me hate myself.

So then what do I do? I caused the cat to go missing. I’m the kind a person that likes having a window open in my room during the day. And so we were chatting away and realised that the cat was nowhere to be seen. I was really freaking out but in the end, the boyfriend managed to find him. I’m never opening that window again…god, I feel awful…

And now I’m at work, feeling anxious. I got a call from my supervisor saying that he’s not coming in the morning because his daughter is sick. That’s fine. The problem is that he wants me to go ahead with things that I have no clue how to do. This is even the stuff that he told me last week that he wasn’t going to teach me. So now I have to ask someone in the lab to help me. I don’t know those people that well so I don’t feel comfortable with this sort of thing. Asking where a chemical is fine but not this…

So now I’ve gone back into the phase where I can’t wait until I go home.


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