On the subject of new housemates

My flight on Saturday was fine, no dramas there. Got back to mum’s place to find that Rory had kennel cough. It sounded like he had something stuck in his throat and he kept bringing up a liquidy mess. So I didn’t sleep well over there.

Got a washing machine yesterday and then arrived home. I thought it would be bad, having someone move in while you’re away. I expected the ugly pictures on walls. But I didn’t expect to come home and find that every space in the kitchen, linen cupboard and bathroom was occupied. I couldn’t handle it at all and spent most of the afternoon crying. I ended up feeling so sick that I ended up going to bed early and having only a few words with my new housemate (who didn’t get home until 7pm).
I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon (aside from crying) moving her stuff around so that there was room for me. I was able to do it everywhere except the fridge. I have no idea what the hell is hers and what is either mine or left over from my sister. She left behind all this crap I don’t want (coffee, DVDs, other random crap). One thing even had an expiry of 2006. It must have been left over from her previous house.
And then there’s this nice little Foxtel box nestled in with the DVD and video play. Well that’s great but I have no intention of paying for it. I’m not that much of a TV person.

It was just so hard. You don’t want to enter your own home and find that there’s no room for you. And after 22 years of living other people’s way, I was really looking forward to having my own home all set up the way I want.
It was probably pretty stupid of me to make room for my dishes when my new housemate already has dishes. But aside from some bits of furniture, they are the first housey things that are truely mine and have only be mine. The bed and couch are from mum. The fridge is from my grandma. The microwave and TV are from my sister’s previous housemate. Even the knives were from mum (she won them). Is it wrong to want to use my plates?

Although I didn’t spend much time getting to know my housemate, she seems like she may be ok. She seemed fine with me moving her stuff. Though really, why hadn’t she at least tried to leave space for me in the first place? It is my home. And she noticed that I turned off all the TV stuff at the powerpoint so when I got up this morning, I found that my housemate had turned them off there as well, which is great. And at least she flushes the toilet at night.

I’ve gotten over my huge shock to the system but I can’t say that I’m happy. I wasn’t even sure I wanted a housemate, let alone have one establish themselves into the house while I was away for a few months. It makes me angry at my sister, for organising it all. But then I feel guilty because she was trying to help me and she had to organise it all on her own and very quickly.
It’s just so hard to come home to this…

On the plus side, I’ve gotten my very own washing machine. They delivered it today and I’m currently trying it out with my new towels. It’s a frontloader and is pretty good with energy and water saving. And if I fill in a form then I’ll get 1 years worth of detergent. Just as well since I used up the last of mine on the towels. I hope it arrives quickly.
So that’s my second largest purchase ever. I’m excited.

And it looks like I’m going to have an action-packed month. I’m visiting my sister at her new place (and seeing how huge Summer has gotten), going to the genetics beach weekend, going to the comedy show, starting my phd, working on some figures for some journal papers (second author again, wOOt!) and going to my very first conference. I also want to go to the zoo sometime. I’ve looked over my old photos and most of them suck. Probably even deleting worthy. So I want to try out my cool new camera.

I really should unpack. Yesterday was rearranging and this morning was uploading photos onto Facebook. I can’t move in my room because all my clothes and random stuff. Dammit, I should have unpacked first.


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