More housemate ranting

I’m to avoid talking about my housemate. As if people want to constantly hear about her…pfft…

But I have some thoughts that I really need to get out there so too bad.

– She seems to like having practical things lying around for no apparent reason. What I mean is she purchased a garden set at the start of the year and it’s lying next to my bookshelf but not once have I seen her in the garden aside from hanging up washing. And she has a bike helmet hanging up on some hooks. She doesn’t even have a bike! So I got pissed off at that one and moved it into the garage. And she has so much teapot sets taking up space in the kitchen when as far as I can see, she hasn’t even used one. Maybe they were gifts or maybe she does plan on using one but really, we don’t have any room in the kitchen. I’ve already got a bit of my kitchen stuff stored in the garage to make room.

– Continuing on from her hoarding ways, it is easy to take a look in our bathroom and conclude that 4 or 5 people live here. I don’t understand why she needs multiple shampoos/conditioners and skin stuff.

– She has a shitload of kitchen stuff, including some things that I have no idea what they are for. But I’ve only seen her cook once (muffins last week. That have invaded the fridge). I don’t understand why she has all this stuff that she doesn’t use.

– The only thing she eats for dinner is macaroni and cheese with frozen veggies and extra cheese. That is just…gross… How can you eat the same meal every single day? Even if you are lazy/cheap, wouldn’t you get sick of it after a while? And it can’t be good for you.

– It is autumn over here and has been a little bit wet but not cold at all. So I was a bit confused when I came downstairs last week to find it roasting down there. I asked her if she had put the heater on and she sheepishly said that she was trying to dry her clothes (which were just hung up in front of the heater). So I said the OK that clearly says “I think you’re a fruitbar” and went back to my room. So, it seemed to me like she was desperate to dry her clothes because she needed to wear them within the next few days or something. Nope, she left them there for a week. WTF? And this morning I’ve found that she’s done the exact same thing. This is really pissing me off.

– I’m not a clean freak and often leave cleaning until I notice that something really needs cleaning. Really, who wants to waste time cleaning? But I’ve noticed that I’m the only one doing any cleaning. Having to clean the bathroom pisses me off but I don’t mind having to clean up the kitchen. It’s just a matter of wiping the benches, stove and sink after the dishes are done. Still, it would be nice if she contributed instead of leaving me to clean up her messes. It takes only a few seconds to wipe down a surface. But if I don’t clean out the sink then she just washes her dishes in a dirty sink, which is odd and gross. She won’t even take her empty milk cartons out to the recycling bin, I have to do it. Really, it isn’t that hard to take a few extra steps to the bin while on your way to work.

– I gave up on talking to her a while ago and it seems like she’s done the same. She doesn’t even tell me that she’ll be away for the weekend, I just come home from uni to find a note. And this morning (I have a cold so I slept in) I found bill money on the bench so she couldn’t even bother to give if to me personally. Well, if that’s the case then I’ll keep her $1 change *childish*. Seriously this isn’t what you’d call a healthy situation.

I can’t wait until this girl moves out.


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