Light at the end of the tunnel

Man, I have such a crap attention-span. I guess reading lots of papers on fish sex markers is just plain boring. I wish I could do some arty stuff but that would just draw attention to myself. I hate having an audience and I hate having people ask me questions about it and such.
I should just go home but there are phd talks on in a few hours and I should attend.

I haven’t been doing much arty stuff lately. I’ve been watching Stargate SG1 season 9. Not nearly as good as the previous seasons. At least I’m working on my butterflies while watching it. I’m up to the last one so hopefully I can finish it soon and get them framed.
But I haven’t really felt much motivation for arty stuff lately. It’s so annoying, during the day I crave to do some but when I get home and open the programs, I just can’t be bothered. I’ll have to force myself to get back into things.

The housemate situation isn’t good at all. She’s just completely avoiding me. If I’m in the kitchen when she gets home then she’ll go and hide in her room until I go up into my room. Even if she has groceries, she’ll just go straight to her room with them. When I was in a bad mood, I stayed downstairs longer in the chance of pissing her off. I hate being like this. I want to go back to being a nice person.
I finally got my parents to send off a notice to vacate. I’m so relieved that an end is in sight. Unfortunately, since we aren’t providing her a valid reason to leave, we legally have to give her 120 days. While the fact that she is definitely leaving is great, it is very hard living in a house with someone with a complete absence of interaction and a silence that cuts. I like silence but not this horrible silence. Four months of this will be a trial but hopefully I’ll continue to have the weekends to myself. I live for those weekends.
I’m really hoping that she starts house-hunting straight away. 4 months is plenty of time to find a new place but she is lazy so I’m getting paranoid that she will leave things to the last minute instead of trying to get out ASAP. I’m even getting paranoid about the letter since it hasn’t arrived yet. Will it arrive tonight? What if it doesn’t arrive? Does that mean that I have to wait longer for her to leave?
My mind is constantly fixated on the housemate problem. I can’t break away from it. The thought of spending four months like this is terrible. I really do hope she finds a new place soon and moves out. I should have talked to my parents earlier instead of letting things fester and get to this point.

I’m so glad that this perpetual nightmare will eventually end and I can move on.


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