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Art Dump

It turns out I’m not going to Japan this year. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

Here we go, another art dump. I really need to get off my lazy arse and get things finished.
In order of how much I’ve been working on them:

First up is my crosstitch, the last of the butterflies. I’m so eager to finish it that I’m even doing it at uni. But the blues have been such a pain. There are plenty of blue shades but they aren’t what I want. So on the left side is my second attempt at blues and the right is my third attempt. I’m still not happy but I’m going to go with the right side. Thr lighter shades blend in way too much on the other side. Not that you can tell with this photo.

Agitha from LoZ:TP. How long have I been working on this? While I really like the head, the body somehow feels wrong. Maybe it’s the proportions…

When I did plan on working on Agitha yesterday, I ended up doing this instead. I was sick of my Facebook profile photo so I took a crappy one using my lappy camera. I’m not sure why but I decided to trace over it and play around with shading. Way more freestyle than I normally do.

Dolls for Firebird’s Haven’s new layout. It is such a random and completely unrelated layout but that probably suits me. I think I might go with simplistic shading, mainly because I’m feeling lazy.

A drawing from long ago that I’m (slowly) turning into a tool-shaded doll. I have way too many drawings from long ago that need to be finished. Oh why do I allow myself to be distracted by webcomics?


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