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I spent the weekend with mum at my parent’s new place. It is in a forested area with roos, wallabies, rosellas and kookaburras. It looks like holiday houses that we use to stay in as a kid.
The problem was that the place wasn’t adequate to keep the dogs in. And we weren’t allowed to put up a decent fence because of the roos. So my parents got a system where the dogs get shocked (via their collars) if they go beyond a certain point. It sounds cruel but if a few shocks are going to keep the dogs alive and safe then I’m glad for it.
They have caught on really well. I walked around to areas they can’t go and they didn’t try to follow me or get agitated. And when they run after a roo, they came back pretty quickly when I called. Kira would never have done that a few years ago.
The dogs were really happy to see me.

We went shopping for housey stuff. I got a few discounted things, which was nice. Less things to buy when my housemate finally leaves. But I can’t for the life of me find some nice cutlery. All the stores have the same Maxwell and Williams sets and I don’t like them. The only other set I saw looked nice but had retarded shaped spoons.
Finally got to take my butterflies to get framed. I thought it would be hard to find matts that not only matched the butterfly but matched each other. Matts are normally hard at the best of times. But it was actually pretty easy. So now I’ve got to wait a few weeks for the framing to get done. And then figure out how to pick them up.
I also picked up Okami. The game has been released in Australia for over a month but I have been to multiple stores multiple times in the city and have not found it. So when I did find it, I leapt at it. And it wasn’t the price I expected, which was a bonus. I don’t normally like paying full-price but some games are worth it. And if the game is so hard to find, why take the chance?
Seriously though, why can’t the crap games be hard to find?
But I’m not going to play it yet. I’m already playing multiple games, I want to finish at least one of them first.

Tomorrow is scary. I’ll be demonstrating for the first time. The department runs prac classes for high school biology students and they get phd students to demonstrate a group of students – show them how to use equipment, answer questions etc.
Not looking forward to the answer question aspect. But the adding to CV and getting extra money aspect sounds good.


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