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Constipation verbulae

Demonstrating wasn’t that bad at all. Actually, I was pretty shit but the students didn’t know any difference. And the teacher was with the students on the other bench so I didn’t feel any pressure from her.
And now I have an idea of what to do and what not to do next time. For one thing, I have to tell the students to not touch things when their gloves are on. It’s just second nature/common sense to me but they are just high schoolers. I saw one kid taking photos while wearing gloves O.o Although they don’t directly touch EtBr (a carcinogen), they could potentially come in contact with it and you don’t want to take that home with you on a camera.
I also know how to help out with some of those questions. I was trying to explain something to help a girl answer but it was just going right over her head. Understandable, they are only a week into the term (it is really a stupid time of year to run the prac) and I know I have trouble focusing on people’s words, though more so in maths than genetics. Once I started to draw it out in her workbook, it all made sense to her. So if I use that method from now on, I should be faster at helping them and they’ll be able to answer more of the questions on the day. Though I’ll probably still be slow…

I’ve moved my Wii back downstairs and stored away my spare TV. I didn’t like it in my room, the TV was smaller and it probably didn’t help my shitty sleep. But now my housemate has moved her TV upstairs and confines herself to her room so there is no worry of me wanting to play when she wants to watch TV. It feels good being back downstairs.
I’m trying to finish Zack and Wiki before I move onto Okami. But man, that game makes me feel stupid. I can figure out a lot of things but often I miss a key step like flipping a broom or whatever. And the wiimote doesn’t seem to respond as well in that game so I can’t get top marks on the fishing level or do any of the music tasks (for the life of me, I can’t do those stupid zigzags). And there are so many things to collect, it’s going to take me forever to finish. Or at least until I get sick of it.


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