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I’ve taken five high school prac classes now, only two more to go.
It’s certainly been interesting, every group has been different. And I’ve found that I quite like it…when it’s a good group. And there is never any guarantee that the group will be good…

My second group was great. It was a private school so I guess that made a world of difference. I didn’t do as badly as the first group and they got through all the questions except for the extension ones.

The third group was my most interesting group. There was a girl who sat out of the first part because she felt sick. I asked what was wrong (headache, nausea etc.) and she said that she was just stressed. Later, she asked for an ice pack for her hand. All of her knuckles were bruised and one of the prep room stuff thought that one was knuckle was fractured. I’m assuming that the girl was so stressed, she punched a wall. Well, she’s going to get a lot more stressed if that hand is damaged, since it was her writing hand.
Another pair of girls stole some vials of flies. Part of the prac involves looking at flies and then dumping them into ethanol (ie. Killing them). When I was packing up at the end of the class, I noticed that some vials were missing. I mentioned it to the demonstrator next to me and one student from that school who hadn’t left yet told me that the girls were going to release them into the wild. O.o
Ok…so in order to save these flies from a quick, alcoholic death, they’ve just released the flies into an environment that they aren’t suited to. Thus, giving them a slow death…
There must have been a vegan trend in that school because the other demonstrator had issues with her group not wanting to kill the flies as well.

My third group was ok. The kids were so keen that they even stayed during the break. Other than that, nothing too interesting.

My forth group was kinda interesting. It was a bench of two schools and the teacher’s from both schools were hovering around, making things pretty cramped. And one of the teacher’s was stupid. She was explaining something to a student (not her own, incidentally) and was doing it all wrong. And she tried showing her girls some things, even though she didn’t understand it.
The main school was alright except they didn’t ask me questions. So when they got to the extension questions, they were answering them all wrong because they didn’t understand it.
The boys on the table were from the other school and I suspect that they’re going to fail. Man, they were so slow and out of it. What’s worse is that they had to have completed all of those questions by the end of the class. I had to really spell things out to them – “fill in this box here, now the box next to it, then the next box…” While showing and explaining some plates to them, they weren’t paying attention. Then when they wanted to look at the plates, the prep staff hard already taken them away. They didn’t even answer half of the questions, even though I explained things to them. At 15min past the end of the class, I was explaining that the greater the numbers of flies scored (ie. The sample size), the more accurate the results would be. And the guy wrote “The number the flies the more”. WTF? By that point, I was tired and frustrated and had work of my own to do so I just left them to fail.


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