Monday was so awesome. I went home to find that my housemate and all her crap was gone. w00t!
I am a little annoyed though. She cleaned some things, like the shower and toilet, but didn’t clean her room. There was so much dust that I wondered if she had done any dusting while she was there. But she had never dusted the house so I didn’t expect her to do so now or clean the marks she left on the walls. But she didn’t even vacuum. It’s the least you do when you move out and she didn’t do it. And she owned our vacuum so I can’t do it until I go shopping on the weekend. I also need a phone, not that I make calls…

It doesn’t feel like she’s gone, though. I hardly seen her the past few months. And the house creaks in a way that it sounds like someone is upstairs. I’ve left the bedroom door open to keep reminding me that she’s really gone.

Once I got home on the Monday, I rearranged the kitchen, bathroom and living room. It was so good being able to put things where I want them to go. Except I’m so use to the old way that I keep opening the wrongs drawers and stuff. And I’ve discovered things that I own (ie. My sister left behind) and don’t own. I thought I owned most of the teatowels and the olive oil but it turns out not. And yet, the dim sims and all the cereals are mine. I don’t even like that cereal.
I didn’t even have a can opener. If I didn’t realise it in time then I would have had lots of trouble making dinner last night.

Tomorrow mum and I are going shopping for house stuff. And we are going to get paint and repaint the bedroom. Then I can move into that bedroom and repaint the other one. I’m so excited at the thought of taking the bigger bedroom. I’ll finally have room for all my crap.


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