Games and uni

I finally caught up with my sister last weekend. She gave me Golden Sun 2 to play. I got so excited. But when I went home and typed in my GS1 code, it didn’t work. WTF? I took such care writing out that code and just spent forever entering in all 120 characters and it won’t work. So I thought bugger that and got a code online that has all the items and everyone on really high levels.
Haven’t played much of it yet but I’m really enjoying it. It hasn’t lost the feel of GS1 and it also seems much funnier. But I like Issac better than Felix. His little portrait icon looks a bit too tragic and emo. I prefer Issac’s pretty boy look.
I’m also playing Puzzle Quest. OMG, it’s such a good game. I’m not very good at it though, I should have played more puzzle games as a kid (didn’t even play tetris until I got it on my calculator in year 12…and then had to wipe it during exams so haven’t played it since…). It’s great to play during lunch breaks at uni. But my sister wants that game back soon. I think I’ll defiantly pick this game up for the Wii when I see it cheap.

I’m not looking forward to next week. First is my department talk. And then is my committee meeting. I’ve been really stupid, I’ve only practiced my talk once so far and I’ve changed my slides around since then. I’m going to suck so bad.


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