New housemate

The new housemate officially moved in on the Monday but was moving stuff over the weekend. I had to help her assemble her new bed and bookshelf. The bed was easy, I have a self-assemble bed too. But the bookshelf was a shit. I don’t really like those cheap self-assemble furniture (beds don’t count) and this has reaffirmed my dislike for them. The back wall was actually two boards instead of one so you get this ugly little gap in the middle. And no matter how hard we tried, some of it is a little wonky and has gaps. But I can be quite a perfectionist so maybe she hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care.
The instructions were very crap. It’s a bit sad that the only words on instruction manuals are “you’re bookshelf is now complete”. I get the whole catering for the illiterate thing but what about catering to the literate who aren’t experienced with assembling things and find the pictures ambiguous?

This new housemate thing is going ok so far. She works in the evening so it’s almost as if I’m still a hermit. Almost. There is the discovering that there is no room in the fridge (aside from needing room for her insulin, she also cooks. My previous housemate only ate EasyMac so I could hog the fridge), finding that the coffee table has moved so that the gap between it and the couch isn’t big enough for legs and getting a shock when the TV is turned on and it’s ten volumes louder than I normally have it.
But she actually cleans my dishes. And I didn’t even start the trend. That in itself is already a huge contrast from the previous housemate. And the showers are short, shorter than mine even. So yay for saving water and money (though I have a feeling that our electricity bill will rise).

The main issue right now is sleeping. On the first night I didn’t know what to expect so I just lay awake in bed until she came home at 11:30. But she’s so quiet when she gets home and I’ve been sleeping through it. The problem is that she goes to the toilet during the night and that wakes me up. I don’t get it, she’s a young person and shouldn’t need to get up in the night. Hopefully I learn to sleep through that noise.

So it all seems good so far. I’m sure she’ll be home on the weekend so this should be the real test. So far things are positive but who knows how I’ll feel in a month’s time.


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