Hey Pesto!

First time I’ve picked leaves from my basil and made pesto. I was so worried that I would pick too many and it would die. But it seems to be doing ok, though some leaves are dying. Are they meant to do that? And two out of three of my garlics are dying. Oh well…

The ingredients to make pesto are actually quite expensive. I used my olive oil that I got from a winery while I was at the conference in SA but had to buy some pine nuts and parmesan. It’s so annoying, I got the pre-grated cheese because it had a better use-by date (since I never use the stuff) but then I took it home and discovered a little line saying use within 7 days after opening. -_-

It is very yummy pesto. It tastes great with sandwiches that have chicken in them. But it tastes just as good with my gourmet veggie sandwiches – roasted capsicum, grated carrot and grated cheddar. Cheese tastes better toasted ^_^
I know pesto is meant to go with pasta but I personally think that it’s too plain. Probably haven’t been to the right restaurant.


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