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Art Dump

Suddenly it’s Christmas and I have a social life again. ^_^

Last post of the year so it might as well be an art dump. I haven’t really been doing that much…going crazy trying to finish de Blob (finally got all the awards but have given up getting 100% buildings on the last three levels) and Golden Sun 2. Man, those are great games.

Blue fairy of the fairy set. Better than most of the other ones. But I have decided not to bother trying to go for a black or white fairy. Still not sure about a brown fairy, I’ve drawn it but it’s…interesting…

I saw Wicked last night and man, it was fan-bloody-tastic. The sets, the costumes…all so pretty…and I got a cheap cocktail daiquiri drink with in a cocktail cup that lights up. And even cheaper refills. ^_^ I’ve filled mine with beads.
So of course today I felt inspired to make some dolls loosely based on the costumes. Very loosely based. I was going to have it stripey, since those stripes are cool, but I’ve changed my mind. Maybe I’ll make another one with the stripes (perhaps a different colour though…red? It could be a queen of heats theme). Still going to have some of it patterned. Definitely no hat. Base: Haven of Silindor
Turning a sketch into pixel art. A common theme of my baseless pieces is that they lack legs 😛
I was going to work on this over the weekend, since I wasn’t very inspired. But now Wicked has got me going so this will probably take a while to finish.
I don’t like that waist.
It’s Lightning Lady from the webcomic, Evil Inc. I’ve been thinking of doing Evil Inc. fanart for a while and when I saw the base, it just seemed right. Except the chest…I’ve spent forever trying to fix it up but it still doesn’t seem right. I did ask for help on Glam! but didn’t really get any so I’m just going to let it sit for a month and try again. Will be tool-shaded. Base: Jejune

Finally, a collaboration. I haven’t done a collab in ages. The lineart is by PrincessElemmiriel but it seems to be gone from her gallery so I don’t know what’s going on there…
It has certainly been a challenging piece of lineart. That’s what I like about collabs, I find it so challenging. Plus, the lineart is much better than what I can do 😛

Anyway, hope you all have great holidays. See you next year.


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