Random thoughts

My first post of the year. A lot has actually happened but I don’t feel like writing about it so here’s just a bunch of random things that have occurred or that I’ve thought about over my holidays:

– When I was a kid, I tanned. Now, I sunburn and then tan. It was a gradual transition but it never really clicked. I do apply sunscreen everyday but I’m lax when it comes to spending lots of time in the sun. My friends and I only went to the beach for a few hours and I am pretty badly sunburnt. One shoulder and the backs of my legs are ok, I just should have reapplied (but it was only a few hours! Grrr…). But my bather top singlet bunched up and exposed skin that had no sunscreen. I have never had a burn so bad…I’ve been branded.

– I got more chocolate at Christmas than I get at Easter.

– I often get sores in my mouth. It’s just too small to fit all my teeth. Sometimes my cheek gets in the way so I can’t bite; I have to open my mouth and move the cheek aside so that I can bite. But anyway, some sores can be quite irritating and I always make it worse by spending the day poking it with my tongue. They start to heal overnight but then I make it worse over the day. I can have a sore for a week, wondering if I am doomed to live with it forever when suddenly, I’ve woken up and it’s all healed!

– I just want it to be clear that I read Marley and Me before I knew about the movie. I didn’t decide to read it after I saw the movie. Actually, I haven’t even seen the movie. I read it because I love dogs, not because Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson prompted me to jump on the bandwagon. But I like Owen Wilson’s accent better than John Grogan’s.

– My housemate has angry sighs. I’m serious, they totally sound like she’s in a bad mood. All of them sound angry. But maybe it’s because she seems to be a naturally heavy/loud breather? Whatever the reason, those angry sighs make me feel uneasy. So angry…

– My back hurts. Damn you sun!

– One cool feature of Okami is that you can feed animals and then they walk around with little love hearts floating around. What’s even better is that you can bite them. For the big animals, you pull their tail (and the tiger gets angry and takes a swipe at you) and for the little tails, you pick them up and they hang limply from your mouth (sparrows look the cutest). I thought it looked cute so I was running around with a mouse when all of a sudden…it vanished! I didn’t see what happened so I spent the next ten minutes picking up mice to see what happened. They always seemed to vanish with Ammy’s back was to the camera, was this intentional? So I concluded that Ammy eats them, which prompted me to always pick up an animal when I pass one. I’m so evil…

– Speaking of Okami, when I started playing it I had a great time barking at people (and biting them). I kept pretending that I was Summer and barked at inanimate objects. But I’ve only recently realised – wolves don’t bark. Only domestic dogs bark, probably evolved in order to make it easier for humans to understand them. My sister thinks that because Ammy is a God for humans, she needs to be able to communicate with them. But I just think that it’s kinda like Monkey Kong. Aside from the spelling mistake lead him to be called Donkey Kong instead, he’s not even a monkey. He’s an ape. Still, Ape Kong sounds lame and I love barking at people so thanks to game-makers for their ignorance.

– A forum full of girls is not a good thing.


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