Going crazy…er

Man, it’s so hot! Summer took forever to get into gear, this is the first time in the season that I’m wearing a skirt (which really needs ironing but I don’t do ironing). It was so bad getting to and from uni but it was so nice and air conditioned once I got there.

I’ve only been back at uni for four days and I’m already going crazy. I’ve been spending the time writing my confirmation report – the report that tells you’re committee what you’ve been doing for the past year (or in my case, 10 months, since my supervisor is going on leave) so that they can decide whether or not you can continue doing your phd. I’ve got 4000 words, nine tables and figures and three pages of references. I wrote most of the background info last year and I think I’ve got it sounding good. The key aims and methods seem ok, if a little too fluffy in places. But the results and discussion…what a load of crap. It’s just screaming “I’ve got a lot of results and I don’t know what any of it means”. I am so screwed when I finally start to write the thesis.
It would be nice to do some lab work to relieve the craziness and sense of spiralling into doom but as usual, I’m waiting for a particular person to send me stuff. And give me more data to analyse and attempt to interpret.

I’m getting really addicted to FF12 on the DS. The sprites are so cute and it’s pretty pretty funny watching 10 or so of your fighters marching into battle. The only problem is that some of the fighters get stuck in the back and are too stupid to walk around. I have to literally tell them to walk around and even then they still don’t listen to me. I’ll wonder why I’m losing the battle and then I’ll discover that most of my strong fighters are stuck behind my healers. And if someone is dying, I try to tell the person to move to the side and safely get healed and they either ignore me, take too long to respond, or start to respond but then decide to go back into the fighting and die TT_TT
One cool thing is that you are allowed to name weapons you get made (but not the ones you pick up on levels). It’s quite fun thinking up names. I wasn’t use to it at first so I did have a “why did they call a sword TheBadEgg?” moment XD

Basil my basil plant is still alive. My garlic died off though. I’m not sure if Basil is slowly dying or not. A few of the leaves aren’t too good and the stems at the base look like, base on what the internet tells me, is a fungal infection. But it’s been like that for a quite a few weeks now and it still hasn’t died. It looked so bad when I came back from Christmas stuff, really made me feel guilty for leaving it.
I’m getting good at making pesto. I put in more roasted pine nuts in this batch and it tastes delicious. I used my new new food processor that mum got me for Christmas. It is the best present of the year and is up there on my overall top present list (just below my electric wok). I can’t believe I lived so long without one. I used it for my soup and my dumpling filling and it is awesome.


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