Tram rage

Gah! Grr! Ggjteslgsnel!!!111!11one

I thought I only had one stupid tram story to tell this week but nope, now I have two:

I was naughty and left uni early. It was great, off-peak = no packed tram. I got on and sat on the seat opposite the front door. Now the way the seats work is that the first set of seats on either side of the front doors have to be vacated by young, healthy people like me if there is an old, unhealthy or pregnant person needs a seat. There are signs and everything. But it’s not like disabled parking, you can use it so long as none of the aforementioned people need it.
So the tram progresses along and the seats get filled. Eventually, the only seat left in one opposite me, another “disabled” seat. A clearly old/disabled guy gets on and stands in the space next to me (the crappy small trams have standing space. That way, you can sardine more people in during peak time instead of spending the money to upgrade the line to bigger trams). He shows no sign of wanting a seat. I saw a guy further down offers his seat and the guy says it’s ok, he’s getting off soon. So I didn’t offer my seat to him.
Sure enough, the elderly man gets off after two stops. And the guy who offered his seat (who looks a bit bumish) comes to me and tells me that I should have gotten up for him. I point out the seat across from me and tell him that there was a seat over there had he chosen to sit. The guy calls me rude and reiterates that I should have moved. I reiterate what I said (by this point, everyone is looking at us). He then says “You see that sign? It says-” but by that point I figure we aren’t going to get anywhere with the conversation so I tell him as coldly as I can “I am aware of the sign” and ignore him. I stand by my argument but there was no point getting into a screaming match.
A moment later he’s arguing with some other woman who is calling him racist against her and that he is stinky. Why can’t people just shut up and mind their own business.

Today I was good and left uni at the proper time. I did not leg it to catch a tram and that proved to be my downfall. It was the last tram for a ridiculously long time.
I waited 20 minutes and my tram didn’t come (this is peak hour, so it should come every six minutes). By this point, the stop was getting crowded (it’s the uni/hospital stop so pretty popular). I was worried that when the tram did arrive, it would be so packed that I’d have to wait for another tram. I walked to the stop before, which had no one. I then waited another half hour.
Suddenly, three empty trams come past without stopping. I think they may have been to fix up the line and have consistently spaced trams but after 50 minutes, I was pretty more than frustrated. But a tram did come a minute later and stop. I got on and actually managed a seat (a very rare occasion for me on peak evenings). Just as well I did walk a block, the tram got packed once it hit my regular stop.
So the tram travels along, the anger’s starting to fade, when suddenly, the tram stops and the driver announces that it’s not going any further and we have to wait for another tram. What. The. Fuck.
So everyone gets off at the stop and the tram crosses onto the other tracks and buggers off to the city. Another tram comes, dumps a full tram-load of people and buggers off as well. I was so fucking pissed off.
A few minutes later two empty trams came and they were actually the big trams so we weren’t so packed in when we got on board. Once again, I got a seat. But I think I’d rather stand sardine-style and get home an hour earlier (or stayed at uni and worked during that hour).
After all that stress and angry, clearly left-over soup wasn’t going to satisfy me. i went to the fish and chip shop. While waiting, multiple trams went by and they were relatively empty (ie. no one was standing). Well that’s nice, it takes an emergency to make peak travel a pleasant ride…well isn’t that just craptacular…


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