I hate the heat

I finally picked up Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I still can’t believe how far it’s come from the original 64 game. My god, so many things to unlock. And playing Brawl for 100 hours? Screw that.
I really like Pit and really love Meta Knight. And Zero Suit Samus (never been so keen on normal Samus though). But I can’t stand Wario, both playing him and playing against him. Has anyone else noticed that the announcer says “Mario” instead of “Wario”? I was disappointed in Snake and think Sonic sucks. I haven’t unlocked Sonic yet but I’ve played him at my cousin’s place. And why the hell is Jigglypuff still in the game? That marshmallow is so pathetic. Some of those new levels are pretty cool.

Last week was hell. Literally.
Well actually, Monday and Tuesday were fine. One was a holiday and the other was my confirmation meeting. Some of the questions asked were nasty but I didn’t care, there was never any doubt in my mind that I would be confirmed.
It was the rest of the week that was bad. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…all of them over 43 C (109.4 F). The air was so hot, I could easily believe that it would spontaneously combust. And such a hot wind (on the day my housemate decides to air out the house. Oh yea, what little coolness that was left in the house was gone, well done housemate). I couldn’t function. At least Uni didn’t care about energy usage and had good aircon, I would have died without it.
Normally on a hot night, having the aircon on at 27 C (seriously, no one needs their aircon on below 25 C) for half an hour before bed and I’m fine the whole night. But these nights I had it on for 2 hours and I would wake up sweating after a few hours. Oh god, the sweat…
The “cool change” on Friday was such a relief. It was still hot but there was a mixture of hot and cool winds. One moment you were sweating, the next you were enjoying a lovely breeze.
Public transport was awful, even though I was avoiding peak hour. But at least I didn’t catch trains – there were so many delays because of faulty aircon and buckling tracks.

The stupid thing was that the news was constantly bitching that households had not reached their water saving targets. Yes, saving water is a pretty damn essential thing but it was a friggin heatwave. Hydration and the health of your pets is critical and of course people are going to have more showers. You’ve got to have allowances.


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