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Art Dump

I’m too lame and boring to do an April Fools joke…

I’m not really going to be doing much. My evenings are occupied by obsessively trying to unlock as many things on Smash Brothers as possible. And my weekends shall be occupied by market and then Easter.

This is my serious effort to do a background. I didn’t actually plan for a background or know what I was doing so I guess it doesn’t really suit the figure. I’m using my photos from Tassie national parks for reference so that makes this a temperate forest. I’m taking things slowly in the hope that it doesn’t look completely crap. So long as I make some progress in making backgrounds, I should be happy.
Still working on those Wicked dolls. I wasn’t really motivated and kind of got stuck on the left one anyway. She just seems to be lacking something…
Bases: Jethyn and Riense.
I worked on the following dolls during my week in Tassie. They’re redolls of my older dolls. My lappy was on my lap so I didn’t use a mouse, just the touchpad.
Not so keen on the hair of this one, I shall have to rework it.
Bases: Wayuki’s Place and Pixtoki.
This one is getting a huge make-over. I love dolls with those little head-set things and I haven’t done one for a while. And for some reason, I like the little shoulder things so I wanted to redo them. The touchpad made doing the hair painful so I just sketched it in and left it.
Bases: Apitchou and ILCK.
Another one getting a large make-over. I drew it initially and then resized it. As I was working on it, I decided to skip the whole Day/Night theme (it was made for a Day/Night contest) and go with pink. So much of my art revolves around blue and pink hasn’t got much love. For that matter, my favourite colour has gotten no love. I shall have to rectify that…one day…
First is baseless and the second is so old and dead, I don’t know the credit. Stardust System? Startippers?


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