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The house is falling apart

I must have done some crazy shit in a past life because I’m getting a lot of bad karma.

The latest in my string of bad karma was my dining room light deciding that it no longer liked its intimate relationship with the ceiling. It fell while I was cooking on Monday, giving me quite a huge shock. I really don’t know what to do so I’ve got it sitting on a ladder (to try and ease the pressure of the cables) while I wait for my parents to come back from holidays.

At least my bad karma didn’t affect my talk yesterday. It wasn’t canceled due to swine flu and I got to go first. I spoke at a good pace, paused well and sounded confident. Such a huge improvement from my high school days. I was also lucky enough to not get any nasty questions (though I did misunderstand one), unlike my friend who got some horrible questions. My supervisor came in with her new baby and thankfully it was quiet during the talk. It’s nice that at least one of my supervisors can see that I do have some level of competence.
That just leaves me to work on one more talk. The postgrads have monthly meetings with free food and people talking random crap. I got forced at knife-point to sign up for this month and so I’m going to be talking about glass art and stuff. I can’t think of anything else that might be remotely interesting. But now the silly organiser has sent around an email that I’m going to be teaching how to blow glass and will do a first in postgrad history. When I said I was going to bring in props, I meant bits of glass and stuff. He’s making it sound like I’m actually going to do a demonstration. Head + wall.

I’ve been watching MasterChef everynight. They make such yummy looking stuff. And all the talk about taste and texture and how things blend and balance each other really makes me realise that I’m not good at cooking. But it’s funny to see how arrogant some of the people are and some of the yummy recipes are online too. Plus, I learned something. I always cooked my potato in boiling water but apparently root veggies should be put in cold water and then bring up the temperature. Wow. They didn’t say why though…
And lots of TV watching means lots of cross stitch. It’s really coming along nicely. Some of the shades aren’t quite right but I’m discovering that red is really difficult to work with (I say that about all the colours…). Still, I think it will look great when it’s done.


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