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Art Dump

Time for another art dump. I haven’t done one of these in ages. Probably because I’m a lazy bum and not doing much…
Still working on those Wicked inspired dolls. It’s been about 6 months now. I’m such a slow poke. I think part of the problem is that I’ve lost some motivation for the blue doll. It looks nice but nothing fantastic. A bit blah. But I’ll finish it anyway. Maybe I can use it for shading practice or something.
Bases: Jethyn and Riense.
Still working on the redolls. This one I got stuck on trying to shade the pink skirty bit. So I’ve skipped that for now. I love how the white skirty bit looks. It doesn’t really look white but nevermind. Hope to have this one finished soon.
I hate that right hand with a passion. I spent hours working on it and it still looks crap. Hands suck.
First is baseless and the second is probably Stardust Systems (long gone).
I had a lot of trouble with this one. I just couldn’t find the right base. I initially went with DHF’s Moe but it just wasn’t working for me. I struggled to find something else, even trying the original base that I used, until I decided to throw realism out the window and go with cartoony. It seems to be working.
Then I decided to turn her into a Drow. I love the Drowtales webcomic so much, it makes me want to make lots of Drow and fanart.
Bases: MouldyCat and PreciousPixels.
Had a bit of trouble finding a suitable base for this one too. Man, finding the right bases for redolls is hard. But I haven’t really felt motivated yet so I’m leaving it until I’ve done the other ones (or get stuck on them).
I love the dress, which is why I’ve been meaning to redoll it for years. I got the design out of a fashion magazine or something.
Bases: EE exclusive (gone) and Pinkland.
Another attempt at the piccie with a background. This one will be more cartoonish. But this isn’t really progressing. I’ve tried out the shading multiple times but nothing seems to be working for me.
More hand issues.
It sort of began as another redoll. I put on my high school val dress and took lots of photos to get the look of the folds. I was going for some vague idea of a maiden leaning over a pond, kind of in a frog prince style. But somehow I was led to the idea of trying something more emotive so now she’s just a depressed lady.
Putting off doing the hands, as usual 🙂
My cross stitch seems to be coming along nicely. But I’ve discovered that the stems are one row short. Pfft, I can’t be bothered fixing that; no one will notice…


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