Around Easter time, I discovered a lump under Kira’s arm. Her stomach also seemed a bit harder than it should be but it was hard to tell. Kira went off to the vet and crisis-averted, the lump was only a bit of fatty tissue and the tummy wasn’t an issue. Yea.

I saw Kira a month ago and her stomach was still hard but I didn’t think much of it. Her tummy was nice and flat, not bulging, and I just assumed that it was meant to be like that. So the deal is that the lump that scarred me months ago was innocent and the non-looking lump was a tumour.
Holy crap, she’s certainly bulging now. She looks like she’s about to have puppies. I can’t believe how changed she is after a month.

Mum took her to the vets last week while I was away at the statistics workshop. They did a biopsy but the sample was too contaminated with blood, making the benign/malignant test inconclusive. The vet’s gut feeling is that it is benign, starting out as a spleen infection. The tumour is friggin huge – 20cm – and it’s taking so much of her blood that she’s anaemic. I think I can notice a slight difference but she’s slowed down so much over the years that it’s so hard to tell.
So instead of going home after the workshop, I went straight to mum’s place. It was really hard seeing how much she’s grown. And the shaved region (for the ultrasound) looks awful with pink splotches all over the place. But the thing is, she loves a tummy rub so she was constantly showing it to me.

I have so much to do at uni. About 400 tissue samples that I have been waiting for since January came in while I was at the workshop, along with some chemicals I had run out of. I was going to go really hard-core in the lab – working late hours and coming in on weekends. Now that’s gone out the window. I’m so glad that my supervisor is so understanding. Not sure if my other one is…and he’s the problem one.

We took Kira to the vet’s this morning. She has actually gained 2-3kg since last week. It was so hard leaving her. What if she doesn’t make it? Her last moments of us will be us abandoning her.
She’s going to have the surgery around lunch time. Two vets and blood donor (plus three vet students observing – it’s nice that they’re going to have an interesting experience instead of just plain-old stuff). If all goes well then it will take over two and a half hours and she’ll have to stay overnight. If all doesn’t go well and they can’t remove it, then she’ll never wake up.
I’m so terrified. I just can’t help but to think of Lexie. It feels so certain that we’re going to get a bad news phone call.


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