Kira the Wonderdog

We dropped Kira off at the vets 8:30am on the Wednesday. Then watched BBC Pride and Prejudice and waited for the phone call. My heart raced every time the phone rang but it was always my stepdad wanting an update.
We finally got a call at 2pm to say that they were starting surgery. Then at 4pm we were told that the tumour was removed and she was fine and didn’t need a blood transfusion (from the vet’s own dog). The tumour was from the spleen and that had to be removed as well. In total, a whooping 4.7kg was removed. That’s 14% of her body weight! O_o

We expected her home the next day but we got a call in the evening that some test result was low so she was going to stay another night. Then on the Friday we were told that we could pick her up at 4:30pm. It was so exciting driving down to get her.
All the people at the vets were amazed by Kira. For one thing, a benign spleen tumour like that at that gigantic size was amazing. But apparently Kira was on her feet shortly after waking, she ate like crazy and yanked people’s arms off when walked about. I’m so proud of my girl ^_^
She had a bucket-head. It was so cute seeing her bash into corners, doors and people because of it. But she’s not licking the wound so we’ve taken it off.

Rory was ecstatic when he saw her in the car. The poor boy had been so lost while she was away. He even slept next to me on the couch, which he never does. Well, he was running around like a mad dog when she came back.
She’s still like her old self. Walking around with towels and toys in her mouth, jumping up on the couch, and rolling over for a belly rub. Silly girl.


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